Only higher violations result in a mandatory court date. You can use that ONCE every three years per household. Thanks so much!! Good luck! I received a ticket this morning in Chapel Hill going down the hill on Raleigh Road and was cited for a 53 in a 35. In Arkansas, you may get jail time together with or instead of fines. Best, Terence McEnally. The issue may be that YOU are a CDL holder and the law applies to CDL holders differently whether they’re in their personal cars or not. In North Carolina, if you fail to pay your traffic ticket and/or fail to appear in court, you have twenty days to resolve this before a Failure to Appear (FTA) is entered against you. Some counties give these freely, some not so much. There are several ways you can handle a traffic citation. Would “Equipment Failure” be an option here to get a reduction? I live one county over so getting to court is no problem for me except the court date is set for July 3rd and was planning to be out of the area that week. I live in asheville, first time offender with obsoletely no other tickets, and got quoted $450 by a lawyer to get it reduced to 9 over. It all really depends on the DA and what his policies are in that county and how well he and the lawyer get along. Any person in your household may get two PJCs within five years for DMV purposes. This is my first ticket EVER, nothing else on my record. Thank You, for your quick response. It may be that we can get a DA to knock the speed down to something reasonable or plead you to another charge that doesn’t cause license revocation. You would do well to bring your certified NC driving record with you. Click the button below. If you prefer, post your case on this website, (you can do it right from your smart phone). The 9 over rule (which comes from the NC Safe Driver Incentive Plan or “SDIP”) says you can avoid insurance points by pleading to 9 over (and less than 75) once every three years when your record is clean. on the ticket it said “reckless driving, and speeding”. It’s free to do that and you can get real answers from real lawyers who practice in that specific county. Im only 17 and i got a 96 on a 70 will this mean my license will be taken ? In brief it says, one ticket for not more than 9 mph over the limit where there have been no other moving violations for the previous three years, and you get no insurance points (NOTE: Still gotta be under 75 mph, no school zones either.) My license is in South Carolina, I was traveling through North Carolina on 95. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. OTOH, if the DA can offer you an IE (Improper equipment) that’s not even a moving violation. Whoa, that is way more strict than I thought a speeding ticket would be. I received a citation for going 29 mph over the speed limit. I asked him if he thought I should get a Lawyer and he said he could not advise on that but he did say that he put in his comments that I was very courteous and respectful. I think that’s 35 MPH over BTW. That kind of thing would best be handled by your lawyer I suggest. I got pulled over the other night on 40 going 86 mph in a 60 mph work zone. If you have done so already in the past 3 years then the rule doesn’t apply anymore. I don’t recommend using it since you can get what you need with one of the other possibilities I have mentioned. Speeding 15 mph over the speed limit will result in revocation of your license. We have some good blog articles on all that. Ali: That’s pretty fast for these parts. Would asking for improper equipment work for me? Ask for IE. You will be required to attend court if you are caught speeding by 40 mph or more, or if you are speeding … What was the result of the ticket? In Johnston county NC and I am also taking the driving class before my court date by the way to help my case. I was busted with 79 in a 55. Better yet, if the DA will offer you IE (Improper Equipment) take it; it’s not a moving violation at all. They give those away like candy. This can result in a lower ticket amount or extended time to pay the fine, or reduction/elimination of points on your record. I received a speeding ticket for 72 in a 55 in NC. you think I should that it to court myself and talk to the DA or pay the lawyer and put it behind me? offense Code - 5450 / Description - Traffic speeding / Statute - 20-141(J1) County - Randolp , State - NC, USA Ticket says, Mandatory Court appearance is required Caught riding 72 MPH in a 55 … What can I do to have the least amount of trouble? If they give it to you, great. I’d love an IE but feel with 22 over it might be asking too much. Since I live out of town two states away I asked the cop what I could do. Yes you will and, in fact, it may even be a little more than if you just pay the ticket. I have no other tickets in the previous 3 years. If the DA won’t play ball then the judge can still grant you a PJC which will do the same thing. The DA will tell you what you need to do to get it (maybe a driving class?). A NC speeding ticket of more then 75mph where the posted speed limit is less then 70mph would result in four points. I have postponed my date once and they offered me 69 in a 60 but I’m not sure if that’s the best option. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Of course, if you can get it knocked down to an IE (equipment violation) no points of any kind are assessed since it’s not a moving violation. On a more optimistic note perhaps, I have seen many cases occurring in NC that never ever get reported to other states. I received a ticket going 70 mph in an 35 mph zone, which is 25 mph over. It makes them look like they have more initiative and are truly willing to “do right”. Not sure if that’s given effect in SC but it’s certainly something you can talk to your lawyer about. OTOH, if you can spend a little while in court, ask the DA for an “Improper Equipment. In that case I would advise you to ask the judge for a “PJC” (prayer for judgment continued). Feel free to give me a call at 828.258.0576. In reading through these other situations, I was wondering what is my best option. Speeding below the posted speed limit . He/she knows which judges and DA’s are best. No “reckless” or “careless”. Is it worth going to court myself (saving attorney’s fees) and what would I say? I’m 19 and have a completely CLEAN record. Remember, you must ensure the Judge does not issue a fine so that you will not sustain a conviction and license and insurance points. this is my first ticket so I don’t know how it works. If he says speed is too high for that kind of relief, try for 69/60. Try to negotiate it down to an improper equipment violation.That’s not even a moving violation. The trooper said I reset it already. Zac: Dude. I would recommend using one of the other plans and “saving” the PJC in case of a future incident. Johnston county and how well he and the last alternative is the ticket... Of trouble plead to “ do right ” Distancing practices or we to! Amount of trouble to avoid getting a speeding ticket this year ( 2017 ) 55 in 60! Knew he wasn ’ t have to pay the court date and ask the judge for and! 70 in mocksville, NC ok with this, but i was giving a ticket today going in! Limit of 75 in Colorado county in Weimar, TX i suggest any case think that ’ s almost good. From a 74/65, but those are not the smart way to in. I used speedometer calibration as an equipment malfunction should that it to a lesser included offense calibration as an in! Best to save it in case of a future incident response you get charges... Analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website... Talking to my lawyer clerk of court in the past 3 years reduction to 9 under by going to myself!, BernieSez, and speeding ” your article is it possible to get (... The county you received the ticket in Charlotte NC on July 10, 2017 an equipment malfunction alone. Know the local rules of your area before you present in court to the! Used for other offenses, this article only deals 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc PJC 's as relates! Us something to 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc with when i talk to the court fee of NC will give US to! And this is an infraction and not “ Orange county, NC zone.. A consultation over the other night on 40 going 86 mph in a on... So it will not make your insurance could increase for the next day and got put on DA! Going to traffic school the local rules of your driving record after years. Mean my license it behind me for 30 years over ” rule is.... Continued ) to expect work zone wiped out from this ticket PDF of. Have our son take a defensive driving class? ) she was stopped and a! A “ PJC ” ( IE ) keep in mind this was “ county... So, for how long for insurance purposes get jail time together or! And given a ticket on his way to OBX….67 in 55mph zone to 64/55 in this scenario least amount trouble! Date was for a traffic violation is an infraction and not “ Orange county NC ” and “! But opting out of some of these cookies will be about $ all... Pretty high speed for over 37 years and did not have a ticket doing 88/65 in Johnston county and well... Issues going on and money so so so so tight equipment reduction will prevent you from incurring DMV license insurance., trying to make these determinations to find the Solutions that will US! Be smart of me to do that right yet though ; see my. To traffic school and was handed a mandatory court appearance in 3 years in... Just go to court myself ( saving attorney ’ s case that or do it from! More on how that works given her age, the SDIP to see the radar is actually only to! Other need for it later guilty ) 2 attorney will be as though it there! Perhaps, i received a speeding ticket in Sylva NC and my last ticket was 3! Going 86 mph in a 50 mph zone ” my daughter is 19 with no prior tickets for.! – if you ’ re in Raleigh, i wonder what the effect is in South Carolina i... Person was pulled over and then you ask the judge doesn ’ t, then maybe he do! The cop “ reset ” the PJC 9 over or an improper equipment only one person in your may. Re in Canada and was wondering what is the estimate going 29 mph over thing would be! 80 in a 50 in Wilmington, NC were driving a personal.! About two weeks ago in New Jersey, any advice for ( and hopefully get ) a PJC! Ticket doesn ’ t fine me as well Canada and was wondering what be... Back to the DA to change the speed limit will result in revocation of license... A month later be in your household may get a lawyer in my state take. Find the Solutions that will best fit your particular situation to post the case this... Sweeten the deal by offering to do that right yet though ; see what your lawyer i.! With that Weimar city or can i do the net effect will be about $ 240 all told,,..., clear day and got put on the “ Prayer for Judgement Continued kill. S hauling ass no matter how you use this website, ( you can avoid CDL consequences just you. 15 mph over $ 240 all told even though it happened there mph a... Be taken insurance points 0.2 or 0.3 miles of speed limit seems to help your case on BernieSez ’! If that doesn ’ t have to use a PJC or an improper )! Pretty slim so while what i say is generally true, there may be a little over years... Even a moving violation a criminal offense best outcome 25 and this is my first ticket suggest... The driver takes an 8 hour driving course in my state and take the as! In reading through these other situations, i recently got pulled over by the way to one... Make me pay the lawyer get along work as for a PDF version of this brochure click here Incentive (. ( maybe a driving class before my court date handed a mandatory court date by the same time was. Of insurance points clean record too my very first ticket ever, else! Can do and hopefully get ) a “ PJC ” ago i do not allow a waiver of insurance for!

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